Vista El Mar - Newsletter 11 (June 2009)

Welcome all,

Congratulations this time go to Matt Galley who completed his Wreck Speciality and Karl Bastard who also completed his Wreck Speciality and also his Boat Speciality, and apologies for not posting a news letter for a few months.


Trips this year are at the moment in the peliminary stages, there is a trip to Malta on the 30th July til the 4V August; this is primarily for two people to finish Open Water dives. I would like to take another party out in October and we are also looking at a Gran Caneria trip in December, the first week, so if any of these take your fancy please get in touch. Without the interest they won't go ahead, we would need at least 4, or 5 to make it worthwhile and enjoyable for all concerned.


At the momment there are none planned, due to the downturn it seams as if people are hanging on to there money, I certainly am! So if you would like to do a course of some discription please make contact with me and we can do it one to one if necessary.


I am trying to organise a pool date on the 20th June (sat) and also the 18th or 19th of July, so remember those skills you haven't practiced for an age? Come along and get some practice in, please contact me if you want to attend usual fee 20 a head.


We have been invited to Splash in Sheringham on the 8th August to a Sports Fair, where we will have a stall and be carying out discover scubas in the pool, so if you wanted to pay us a visit you are more than welcome.

Well thats about it for the moment, remember stay safe.