Vista El Mar - Newsletter 13 (March 2010)

Hi all,

Congrats this month go to Jo Wright who finished her open water in Thailand, sure it was a tad warmer than here!!!!!


The annual trip to Malta is forging ahead with 6 participents, 4 of which will be carrying out their Advanced course and 1 starting his Divemaster in earnest!!!

Diving at Gildenburgh over Easter there will be 2 students carrying out there Open water dives over 2 days, anybody who fancies a dive let me know and we can go on block sharing transport etc.
Prior to Easter I will be arranging another pool session at Bircham probably on the last weekend in Marc. Please let me know if you would like to attend.

A trip to Malta late September is also being planned so if you have a interest in this excursion again I need to know.

So you all take care and be safe,