Vista El Mar - Newsletter 15 (May 2011)

Hello to all.

Hope this new diving season finds you all well and keen to dive !!!

Since our last newsletter a lot has happened. Namley the recession that has hit us all in one way or another. Due to this we have not trained many new divers and trips have been posponed.

I am finding more and more divers are tending to brave the cold waters of the UK as overseas trips are getting too expensive, due to this we are planning to hopfully go to Plymouth to dive the Silla, we have a past student in the area who can help us with the arrangements> I will keep you all posted on any developments.


There is an Open Water course starting on the 12th June, this will inevitably promote a trip to Malta in August for a long weekend. It will involve reef dives and shallow wrecks. If you fancy coming along please let me know.

There will also be a Drysuit course and a Nitrox course taking place in the next month or so.

So I wish you all well and if you have any diving requirements please get in touch.

Take care and stay safe.