Vista El Mar - Newsletter 16 (December 2011)

Hello to all.

Welcome friends, Vista El Mar students and newcomers.

Well, this year has found the diving industry as a whole a little short of participants due to the economic downturn. Lets hope the new year will see a revival and diving flourish again.

A few Open Water students have passed through the school this year and also a couple of dive masters have qualified with me. I hope in the new year to have a regular slot once a month for a pool session. The pool at Bircham Newton is staying open and I am currently in negotiation with them to use it.


If there are any courses you would like to do please get in touch with me.


The trip to Malta at the start of May is going to go ahead. As of the moment, a trip late Jan is planned as a long weekend trip. Last year when I went at this time the wild life was fantastic!!! If you fancy a trip with us, make contact and let me know if there is any where you think we should try.

So that's all for the moment, take care and stay safe.