Vista El Mar - Newsletter 2 (June 2007)

Hello friends, Vista El Mar students and newcomers,

First off congratulations to, Matt Bennet, Matt Galley, Emma Poole, Tod Wurr and Sharon Elfleet for passing their open water course and Karl Bastard for completing his advanced open water course.
As you will have gathered the Malta trip was a great success and you can find the photos and a report in the Gallery, just click on the link in the Malta photo section.


Well I am proposing a trip to either Gran Caneria, or Egypt around the beginning of December time for a week and another trip to Malta at the start of May 2008, so if you are interested let me know by mail or phone. At the moment the Dec trip has 2 people interested and the May trip 2 as well. The more we take the cheaper it will work out.


We are running an open water course in a week or so and an advanced course in July, at the moment there are three on the open water and three on the advanced, always room for more !!!
If there are any courses that interest you get in touch and I am sure we can accommodate you!!!


Due to being very busy, we will hold a pool session in early August and as long as there are 4 or more we can take Bircham Newton pool on a Sat or Sun afternoon, if you just want to go for a dive let me know, as I am sure we could arrange a day trip to Stoney Cove in Leicestershire or trip to Gilldy and finish it off with a beer and meal.

Finally, remember as a qualified diver you need insurance, keep your skills sharp and be safe,


Rex Hargrave