Vista El Mar - Newsletter 5 (December 2007)

Hi Vista El Mar students, newcomers and friends.

Congratulations go this month to Aaron Elfleet and Karl Barstard for completing their Nitrox course and to Tod Wurr, Mat Galley and Emma Poole for finishing their Advanced Open Water over in Gran Canaria.

The Gran Canaria trip was a great success with all participants enjoying the diving, although at times demanding. A report is up on the website (click here) with photos for those who are interested.


Our trip to Nemo 33 - the worlds deepest tank should be at the end of January. If you would like to come let me know asap as placesd are filling up quickly. We intend to travel to the Eurostar by minibus and be in Belgium about an hour and a half later, diving in the tank around lunchtime, then taking in the sights and have a meal and travelling back all in one day.
The next trip to dive abroad should be to Malta for a long weekend over the first bank holiday in May, leaving on the Friday and returning on the Wednesday. Again this is filling up fast so if you are interested, let me know.


We have none planned for January, but if anything interests you, please get in touch.

Pool Sessions

We intend to have a pool session the weekend prior going to Nemo, and as long as the pool can be booked, to try and make it a regualr thing every month.
Finally, take care and remember if you are diving on your own make sure you stay warm and as soon as you are cold, get out and get warm. So far its been a cold winter.