Vista El Mar - Newsletter 7 (June 2008)

Greetings friends, Vista El Mar students and newcomers

Well congratulations this month go to a whole host of people, Russell Vanhinsburgh, Vicky Cole, Ellie Richards, Aaron Buckley and Michael Creed all from Fakenham College who complted their Open Water courses on a trip to Malta at Easter.
Sharon Elfleet, Lloyd Pearson, Andy and Sharon Brierley who passed their Advanced Open Water and Karl Bastard who passed his Night Dive Speciality on our trip to Malta which took place in the first week in May.
Finally Andy Maclaren who completed his Open Water recently.
Special admiration goes to Sharon Brierley who due to be away with us in Malta was unable to do the Race For Life in aid of Cancer Research so she got all her sponsors to sponsor her to complete her Advanced Open Water course and raised £565.35. Well done Sharon!!!!! (see photo on Malta May 2008 trip page)


Our three trips so far this year have all been successful with everyone who has participated thoroughly enjoyed themselves. All depending on the interest, the first week in December, a trip to Gran Caneria looks possible and another trip to Malta between now and then, possible dates to come on the next newsletter.


We are running a Rescue course starting this Friday and later on this month an Advanced Open Water, Enriched Air (Nitrox) and Emergency First Response courses, Deep and Navigation specialities next month.


The trip reports and photographs for the two Malta trips are posted in the trips abroad tab, I would also like to wish all the best to Paul Cook and his daughter Megan who are leaving to live in Lanzarote, they have done their Open Water referral with us and will be finishing their Open Water there when they get settled.

Thats all for this time
Stay safe.